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"Seeing Annika on stage is like a play, like poetry. Except for the fact that you don’t even notice it happening, you just experience it, you’re just in it. Her dedication to providing you with the absolute best is unique in Sweden. And it’s thanks to that dedication that Annika is being awarded the first DIAMOND SPEAKER accreditation, according to 110STEPS, to be awarded to a Swedish female speaker” 
– David JP Phillips 110STEPS

“Annika is an amazingly inspiring speaker. She’s spoken at our two events with several hundred participants and everyone gives her the highest marks and wants to hear her again. Her energy is palpable and her message moves and creates insights that hit the spot and strike a deep chord. Annika is professional and respectful in her relationship with us as a customer. She’s easy to work with and always gives her utmost when she’s on stage”
- Katarina Sand, Project Manager,Wise Professionals

"Annika gave six talks to all our employees, 3000 people in total. It was absolutely amazing. Her inspirational talk on communication and collaboration made us laugh and gave us a lot to think about. It was something that everyone on the team could relate to and take with them. Annika is one of the very best speakers I’ve seen and I hope we’ll have the opportunity to work together again in the future!” - Victoria Dahl, HR, Municipality of Nässjö

"In May 2023, I participated in AstraZeneca's event Campus Celebration, where approximately 3800 employees from Södertälje and Stockholm attended. In addition to dinner and festivities, some team activities were conducted – with around 1200 people in each group. One of the activities was the lecture 'People & Sustainability – different personalities.' Annika's lecture was filled with recognition and 'aha' moments, both regarding work and private life. Her presentation was highly appreciated by our employees and attracted many laughs."

- Titti Schilström, Project Manager/Event Lead AstraZeneca

Annika R Malmberg

Annika R Malmberg is in a class of her own as a speaker, artist and author who mesmerises her audience. There are few people who are able to do what Annika does and describe people’s differences and show how to create working relationships with everyone who isn’t like you with such warmth and humour.


Annika has over 30 years’ experience from podiums and stages and is also the founder of the agency for speakers, the CEO of Hamilton Group and the author of five books. Her background as both a salesperson and a manager means that she knows what she’s talking about.

Her personal comedy show, The Relationship Show, is a success all over the country and she is also a success on TV, including as a favourite expert of Filip & Fredrik in the popular TV show Breaking News. Annika has been named one of Sweden’s Super Communicators and is the only woman in Sweden to have received the Diamond Speaker award. She has been ranked as one of the most popular speakers in Sweden for five years in a row. Annika also coaches an elit Adventure Racing team in cooperation and being the best when it counts.



Only available in Swedish but the titles in English are "Ten tricks for not losing each other - The relationship compass","Take shit and make gold out of it", "Make It Work - A guide to working relationships", "Ignition fluid - In life, career, and for your own sake" and "Golden opportunity - This is how you succeed as a seller"

The Relationship Show 

More than 30 public sold-out shows around Sweden. Parts of The Relationship Show can also be given as a talk. The Relationship Show is a comedy show by and with Annika R Malmberg. It is a colourful show that deals with a subject that has seldom been more important than it is at the moment – our relationships.
Our relationships, both at work and at home, deserve and benefit from a bit of extra attention. And what could be more appropriate than being able to laugh together while getting to know one another a little bit better. “The most common mistake we make in relationships is to base our approach on ourselves”, says Annika R Malmberg. “We interpret other people’s actions according to the standard of what we ourselves would have done and we treat others the way we ourselves would want to be treated. This leads to quite comical situations in which we literally run and talk past one another and it rarely takes long for us to start clashing”

In The Relationship Show you’ll experience laughter, recognition and “aha” moments. Annika includes a liberal helping of her own experiences of relationships, including shortcomings and mistakes as well as times when it was easy and felt right. With this show under your belt, you’ll be able to cope! So, the relationship.


Things that have been said about Annika and The Relationship Show:

“A brilliant show with so much laughter and recognition”

“EVERYONE should experience this”

“What a show, what a fireworks display, what an amazing night”

“Heartily recommended. Annika really hits the spot.”

“Absolutely brilliant”

“Annika is a star”

“I laughed so much I got cramp in my cheeks”

“Wonderful to laugh so much”

“The best thing I’ve seen on a stage!”


The talks are so full of recognisable examples that participants laugh out loud, but they also stop to think about their own responsibility for how people deal with one another. To accept that we are different and that we all need to get better at adapting and meeting one another half-way in order to avoid unnecessary clashes. With specific tools and advice on how everyone can get better at collaborating and communicating, Annika shows how we can really raise one another up.

Annika R Malmberg

Annika is one of the selected advisors in the Wisory service. A digital initiative in learning and advice. The service is for companies that want to provide their employees with access to a sounding board via video meetings with leading advisors whenever they need it. Book Annika and get wise advice!

To book Annika or to get advice on which talk is most suitable for you, you are very welcome to contact her husband and colleague Johan Hamilton by filling in the form or by email or phone on +4670 868 45 68  

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